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How Global Surgery Network works for you
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                   This is the way Medical Tourism is supposed to be...

  Global Surgery Network
has explored the credentials and personally inspected some of the most qualified JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals and board certified, cosmetic and general surgeons, bariatric specialists, medical professionals, and full-service dental clinics the entire world. From Mexico to India...  all of the Middle East, Asia, Europe, & Central/South America.. these are the BEST OF THE BEST in the world - (and generally 40-60% less in price than here in the USA). This is why over 2 Million Americans and Canadians, travel every year for quality and affordable healthcare, dental care, and all types of planned surgery. It's called Medical Tourism... and you're in the right place.

          We are the #1 referral site for Overseas  Medical Travel Information, and have been involved in coordinating and facilitating offshore cosmetic, medical, surgical, and dental trips for Americans and Canadians since 2005. We are affiliated with the MTA (Medical Touism Association), and were one of the first 5 Internationally Accredited Medical Tourism Facilitators in the world. We are also closly associated with The International Board of Medicine and Surgery(IBMS), and work with proferssionals that have earnerd these cridentials whenever possible.  We believe our Network of International Medical Doctors, Surgeons, and hospitals/facilities... is the very best in the world. 

              The cost of your procedures will be LESS... the quality of care, better... for many reasons. Mostly because the overall cost of medical treatment in other countries is reasonable and affordable - overseas, you are paying for YOUR healthcare, not those who can not afford healthcare.  NOTE: The World Healthcare Organization (WHO) rated the USA  #37 "in procedural outcomes and performance..."   while determining that the Unites States is the most expensive healthcare provider in the world.

All of the Physicians that we use are USA Board Certified or equivalent, and the hospitals and facilities as high or higher rated than than most in the USA.   Most important, they have hired english speaking profesionals, and developed a business model specifically for inbound Medical Tourists (patients).  THESE are the professionals that we work with exclusively. You will NEVER feel as if you're in a forign country... you have an "on-call medical tourism coordination" with in you in the host country, from the moment you arrive, until you safely depart... coordinating everything, and available to you constantly...  PLEASE... don't trust anything less !

             First and foremost, even if you are a world traveler, this is NOT a do-it-yourself project. There is absolutely no reason NOT to trust an experts opinions and advice... every client we work with actually saves money by utilizing our services. THIS is what we do for a living, and we do it well !!!

Our Fee is simple... WE DON'T HAVE ONE.  We act as a consulting firm on your behalf. We have experience visiting and working with nearly every creditable facility and physician in our network, and unlike your communicating with a single hospital, or a Medical Tourism Facilitator that works for just one facility...   we will put you in touch with as many as you need in order to make a comfortable decision. We are then paid a small commissions from the medical providers, and commissions if we get to book your hotels and flights (like any travel agency, but that's your call).

            GSN will provide you unbiased informaiton from multipal countries, and many highly qualified professionals in each country.  You make the decisions... we simply provide you with all of the information that you need so that you can make the best decisions for yourself.

           You will pay a 10% deposit prior to your leaving your home, and the remaining portion when you arrive in your destination conntry. You'll have detailed costs before you commit, and those will not change.

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and/or call 770-289-3241, and let's discuss your options together.
There is never a cost or obligation...

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