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Is a Bariatric procedure your last hope?

Opting to have a Bariatric procedure has saved countless lives, and offers a last hope for over 100 thousand Americans each year... A bariatric procedures is not for everyone, and should only be considered when all other means of losing weight have failed. There is risk... and having the procedure will change your life in more ways than losing weight.

There are often medical reasons for obesity, however in most cases the reason is not complicated. If we consume more calories than we burn as fuel, our perfect human machine elects to store it. The "fault" isn't all our own... over the last 2 decades, volume producers and mechanized farming has substituted much of the normal nutrition in our foods for chemicals and empty fillers. Thus, in order to get the nutrition that we crave, we have to consume garbage that has no value except caloric. In other words, the deck is stacked against us... and growing up, we all heard about the starving children in some country that doesn't even exist anymore (guess they all starved), but ever since then, if it's put in front of us, we were trained to eat it, and the average meal in a restaurant should feed a family of 2 or 3.

Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, LAP-BAND® System, and now, the newest

Most bariatric procedures involve relatively extensive surgery to decrease the size of the stomach. In this way, the amount patients are able to eat before becoming full is dramatically reduced and their appetite is diminished. There are several surgical options available, and each offers different advantages depending on the needs of individual patients

The NEWEST Procedures is not performed by a Surgeon... and there is no surgery involved. A Gasterologist puts you into a dreamlike state, making you completely unaware that a balloon is slipped down your esophagus and fastened into your stomach. Fifteen minutes later, you're wondering when the procedures is going to happen, and later than day, you're on your way home.

This Balloon procedures is so new that only a hand-full of Physicians and Hospitals are offering it around the world. The FDA approval process for something like this in the USA can take many years.

The GOOD NEWS... it IS available in Hospital Punta Pacifica n Panama -
Just an 4 hour flight from the US

This has become  very common bariatric over the past past 10 years because it is a removable and adjustable option. Your surgeon will consider whether the LAP-BAND® is right for you if your BMI is between 35 and 40 and you have a health problem that is related to obesity. Procedures   

Here, a small stomach pouch is created with a stapler device, and connected to the distal small intestine. The upper part of the small intestine is then reattached in a Y-shaped configuration. This is a permanent procedure and is not adjustable. It was the "gold standard", and remains the most invasive of all existing Procedures

This surgery involves endoscopic placing a deflated balloon into the stomach, and then filling it to decrease the amount of gastric space. The balloon can be left in the stomach for a maximum of 6 months, &   results in an average weight loss of 5-9BMI. During this 6 month period
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